Is Simple Green an Effective Solution for Cleaning Vinyl Siding?

For many homeowners, maintaining the exterior of their houses is essential to them. This includes keeping the vinyl siding clean and well-preserved. As a reputable provider of power washing services, JD Power Washing is often asked for recommendations on the right cleaning solutions. One of the most widely inquired cleaners is Simple Green – a cleaning solution renowned for its environmentally friendly composition. In this blog, we consider whether this cleaner is appropriate and efficient for cleaning vinyl side from its application to its pros and cons.

Understanding Simple Green

What is Simple Green?

Simple Green is a multipurpose cleanser that is well-known for being both versatile and environmentally friendly. For individuals who are worried about the environmental effects of their cleaning solutions, it is an appealing alternative because it is non-toxic, biodegradable, and made to be safe for use in a variety of cleaning jobs.

The Benefits of Using Simple Green on Vinyl Siding

Safety and Environmental Impact

Another advantage to Simple Green, which is a major consideration, particularly among homeowners who are environmentally concerned, is the fact that it is a non-toxic, biodegradable formula. This means that your garden, pets, and possibly even your family will not be compromised by the cleaning process, an extremely attractive proposition given the fierce chemicals used in cleaning agents.

Effectiveness in Removing Dirt and Mildew

Simple Green has also been shown to be efficient on dirt, grime, and mildew, all of which are typical contaminants of the covering. The condition penetrates all these elements, allowing them to be washed away swiftly and maintaining the finishing’s appearance and life span

Versatility and Cost-Effectiveness

As an all-purpose cleaner, Simple Green can be used not just on vinyl siding but across a range of surfaces, making it a cost-effective solution in your cleaning arsenal. This versatility means you can minimize the number of different cleaners you need to purchase and store.

How to Use Simple Green for Vinyl Siding Power Wash

Proper Dilution and Application

Simple Green should be diluted by the manufacturer’s recommendations for vinyl siding. For moderate cleaning, a 1:30 ratio of Simple Green to water usually works well; however, extremely filthy surfaces can require a stronger solution.

Techniques for Power Washing with Simple Green

It’s important to apply Simple Green and let it set for several minutes to break down the grime and dirt when utilizing the solution as part of a vinyl siding power washing service. After that, rinsing the solution away with your power washer at a low to moderate pressure will assist prevent damage to the siding.

Potential Drawbacks of Using Simple Green on Vinyl Siding

Need for Thorough Rinsing

While Simple Green may be seen as safe for most applications, it’s always still important to be sure that all the residue from it is indeed rinsed off the siding completely. If this step is forgotten, a film may remain on the siding, very likely leaving a film on the siding, which may also draw more dirt to itself or even degrade the material over time.

Precaution on Mixed Material Surfaces

For this reason, before cleaning where a variety of materials are in the home, one should test first Simple Green on a place both inconspicuous and small. If certain materials could have a different effect from the cleaner, those that work on vinyl may also be unsuitable for another kind of surface.

JD Power Washing: Your Partner in Maintaining Beautiful Vinyl Siding

Why Choose Professional Power Washing Services?

Although do-it-yourself techniques can be successful, hiring a pro to power wash your home will guarantee both effectiveness and safety. To guarantee that your vinyl siding is flawlessly cleaned without running the danger of damage, JD Power Washing provides knowledge of the proper methods and solutions, including the use of Simple Green.

Custom Solutions for Every Home

At JD Power Washing, we realize that each home is different, and to that effect, we give customized solutions that best work for your vinyl siding. This will include factoring in home age, the environment around, and most certainly, specific preferences for cleaning agents.


Of course, Simple Green is a strong option for cleaning vinyl siding. It is effective, safe for the environment, and multipurpose. Still, to achieve the best outcomes, particularly regarding ensuring the adequate maintenance of your home exterior, it is better to turn to specialists such as JD Power Washing. We use Simple Green, combined with top-grade equipment and techniques, to ensure the best outcomes and avoid downsides associated with DIY pressure washing.

For more information or to schedule a power washing appointment, visit JD Power Washing and discover how we can bring out the best in your home’s exterior with our expert vinyl siding power wash services.


Simple Green is an all-purpose cleaner that is non-toxic and biodegradable, not causing harm when used for cleaning tasks, including even those made of vinyl sidings.

Yes, it is safe to use according to the product’s dilution instructions. Simple Green cleans my vinyl siding without causing any harm to the outside of my house. It rids my siding of soil, grime, and even mildew.

A typical mixture for general cleaning would call for a 1:30 ratio of Simple Green to water. This may call for a stronger solution if there is a stain of any kind that is harder to remove.

Yes, Simple Green can be used with a power washer. Spray the diluted mixture on the siding, let it sit in for some minutes so it can break the dirt down, then wash it away with a low to moderate pressure setting.

By very nature, non-toxic and biodegradable, making Simple Green an environment-friendly cleaning product most homeowners, environmentally concerned with the earth, would prefer to have.

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