Frequently Asked Questions

While we would LOVE if there was a simple clear cut way to give you a price it is almost impossible without some information about your home and the project you want done. We can often get you a quote in less than 10 minutes over the phone.

This is completely dependant on the size of the job you would have us do. The great thing about us is that we are fully independant and you as the homeowner do not need to be home for us to complete the job.

While we encourage homeowners and business owners to maintain their properties the best they can, oftentimes it is not feasible financially or timewise. JD Powerwashing is fully outfitted and optimized to complete your job in a timely and SAFE manner. We can’t stress safety enough when it comes to pressure washing and roof cleaning. We cover ample insurance for unforseen accidents which we avoid by constantly training ourselves on safety.

We will work with you to find a time and date that meets your needs.

We offer several discounts to customers. Services can be discounted when they are scheduled to be repeated. We also offer great discounts to first responders and military personel.

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