How to Clean Vinyl Siding on Your House

Ever spotted those dark and greenish marks that seem to suddenly appear on your home’s vinyl exterior? Here’s a revelation: It’s not so ‘sudden.’ It’s been gradually building up, and it’s now so evident that you can’t ignore it.

JD Powerwashing is here to give you the essentials of vinyl siding upkeep. Trust us as we guide you through the process and even recommend some top-notch products—so you can rejuvenate your home’s exterior with confidence.

Why is it Important to Clean Vinyl Siding?

It’s good practice to wash your home’s exterior annually, akin to other home upkeep activities like gutter cleaning or driveway sealing.

Spring is a favored season for this, particularly in colder regions where winter’s snow, ice, and salt might have wreaked havoc on your home’s exterior. However, any mild, sunlit day throughout the year is suitable for cleaning your vinyl siding.

Various environmental elements can diminish your vinyl siding’s shine. This includes pollen, airborne dirt, and debris carried by the wind or nearby vehicles. Additionally, bird droppings and insect residues can tarnish an otherwise beautiful exterior.

Noticed a vibrant green layer on your siding? That’s the result of green algae accumulation. It becomes notably prominent if cleaning is skipped for over a year. This shouldn’t be mistaken for the gray and yellow tints of mildew, another common growth in regions with warm, moist conditions.

How to Clean Vinyl Siding

Experts advise caution when considering a pressure washer for your home’s vinyl siding as mishandling can lead to potential damage. Professionals warn about the potential risks of using pressure washers on vinyl siding due to the possible damage if not operated correctly. We recommend to hire a professional Powerwashing Company 

The Vinyl Siding Institute, a representative body for vinyl siding manufacturers, deems the use of pressure washers acceptable, with a caveat. Their guidance states: “Maintain the power washer straight at eye level for optimal cleaning. Avoid directing it upwards to prevent water seepage behind the siding.

I Don’t Have A Pressure Washer – What Now?

Utilizing a garden hose combined with a cleaning agent and a brush with soft bristles is an efficient, gentle method to cleanse dirt from vinyl siding.

A combination of a garden hose, cleaning agent, and a soft brush offers a non-abrasive yet efficient way to clear off debris from your vinyl siding.

Opting for a garden hose or a soft brush provides a non-harming and straightforward method.

Various specialized vinyl siding cleaning products are available in spray bottles designed to attach directly to a garden hose. For our DIY readers, this method is great, as it combines the thrill of water pressure without being aggressive on the siding.

Always adhere to the cleaning product’s instructions. Generally, the procedure involves connecting the spray bottle to the garden hose and managing a combined flow of water and cleaning agent through a specific nozzle.

Thanks to the water pressure, this technique often enables coverage up to the peak of a two-story structure—around 25 ft.—eliminating the need for a ladder.

For those preferring a classic approach, vinyl siding can be cleaned with soft microfiber cloths or a long-handled brush with gentle bristles and a cleaning solution. A germicidal bleach concentrate is highly recommended as a potent cleaner for vinyl siding.

If you lean towards eco-friendly cleaning agents, a mix of 30% white vinegar and 70% water serves as a good substitute for bleach. However, vinegar might demand a bit more effort to tackle tougher stains.

As always, abide by the cleaning product’s instructions. Typically, the procedure requires you to mix the concentrated solution with water and then cleanse the vinyl siding. Some products may advise you to let the siding dry naturally, while others may suggest pre-rinsing the exterior.

It’s best to clean in segmented areas, beginning at the base and moving upwards to avoid leaving streaks. Ensure the cleaning agent is rinsed off top-down before it dries to avoid visible marks.

Expert advice: Plants aren’t fans of vinyl siding cleaning agents. Potent chemicals effective against mold can be harmful to your greens.

To safeguard your greenery, pre-water your garden. Moistened soil helps deter the cleaning solution from seeping in. Protective coverings like tarps can also shield plants.

Need Help with Washing Your Vinyl Siding?

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