How to Remove Green Algae from Vinyl Siding

Most homeowners, because of the durability it offers, will opt for vinyl siding, which also has a low cost and low cost of maintenance. However, like any other exterior surface of a house, its main enemy is the greenish growth of algae. It’s not just an aesthetic mar to your home; this is also an unpleasant issue that can cause damage over the long run if not taken care of. So, down in this blog post, we are going to guide you through the effective ways how to remove green algae from your vinyl siding, but first, let us emphasize our professional approach at JD Power Washing.

Understanding Green Algae on Vinyl Siding

What is Green Algae?

Green algae is a common problem on vinyl siding, particularly in humid or moist climates. It appears as a green, powdery coat that can spread quickly across damp surfaces. While algae itself does not damage the siding, its presence can lead to other issues like mold and mildew, which potentially undermine the integrity of your home’s exterior.

Causes of Algae Growth on Vinyl Siding

Algae spores are typically airborne or spread by rainwater, and they thrive in moist, shaded areas. Thus, vinyl siding on the north side of a house or in heavily shaded areas is more prone to algae accumulation due to less exposure to sunlight and prolonged dampness.

Effective Ways to Remove Green Algae

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning regularly is a sure way of avoiding the buildup of algae. If the case of the algae is only mild, then a solution of warm water with mild detergent, coupled with a soft-bristle brush, should be good enough for the homeowner. Therefore, this method is siding-friendly and gives effective removal at the earliest stages of siding buildup.

The Role of Power Washing

For more stubborn algae growth, power washing is a highly effective method. The settings, though, have to be right on track so that the vinyl sidings are not damaged. JD Power Washing recommends setting the pressure at a low-to-moderate level of 1300 to 1600 psi, becoming an effective cleaning process that will remove the algae but, at the same time, not cause any damage to the siding.

Professional Techniques Used by JD Power Washing

At JD Power Washing, our experts use specialized cleaning solutions that are specifically designed to target algae without damaging the vinyl. These solutions are applied gently and allowed to sit on the siding for a period to break down the algae cells effectively. After the application, a soft wash system is used to rinse away the residue thoroughly, ensuring that no harmful chemicals remain that could degrade the vinyl over time.

Preventative Measures to Keep Algae at Bay

Improve Sunlight Exposure

Since algae thrive in shaded areas, increasing sunlight exposure can naturally inhibit its growth. Consider trimming trees and bushes around your home to allow more sunlight to reach your siding, which helps keep it dry and less hospitable to algae.

Regular Maintenance

Scheduling regular cleanings with JD Power Washing can prevent the recurrence of algae. Our maintenance programs are designed to keep your siding looking fresh and clean year-round, ultimately extending the life of your vinyl siding and protecting your investment.

Consider Protective Coatings

For areas frequently affected by algae, consider the application of protective coatings that resist biological growth. These coatings can provide an extra layer of protection against algae and mold, reducing the frequency of necessary cleanings.


The growth of green algae on your vinyl siding could be way beyond a cosmetic problem. Learn the causes and effective ways of their removal for the beauty and integrity of your home’s exterior. At JD Power Washing, we provide professional, detailed cleaning that is customized according to the needs of your home. When it comes to additional information regarding our services and keeping your investment looking top-notch, turn to JD Power Washing.

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Is green algae making your home’s siding look unsightly? Don’t wait for the problem to worsen. Contact JD Power Washing today, and let our professional team restore the beauty of your home with our effective and safe power washing solutions.


Green algae on vinyl siding are typically caused by a combination of moisture and lack of sunlight, especially in humid or shaded areas. Airborne or water-spread spores find a conducive environment on damp, shaded siding.

Although green algae does not directly destroy vinyl siding, it may encourage mold and mildew growth that can potentially cause severe damage over time to the structure and appearance of the siding.

If green algae have formed, use a cleaning solution that is appropriate and gentle, accompanied by low-pressure washing.

Ideally, you should wash your vinyl siding at least every year. If your home is located in a cool, damp area or surrounded by overhanging trees that provide shade, then perhaps you’d want to clean it more often to stop the growth of algae.

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